Module submission - bungmeter

Duncan Gibson duncan.gibson at
Sun Mar 18 20:58:23 CET 2007

> chadk at bishop ~ $ bungmeter eth1
> Segmentation fault

Works for me :-) and has shown me that wifi0 is receiving a steady
background chatter of about 2.5kb/s even if ath0 is not doing anything!
Might explain why my machine always sounds busy...

> Also, for your information in the future, we try to keep the DEPENDS
> file clear of unnecessary depends, so for example in your gtk+ and
> glib case, you should have only listed gtk+ as gtk+ already depends on
> glib.  With the corrected depends the only line in the DEPENDS file
> needed would be 'depends  gtk+-2'

Sorry. I stand corrected. I just added what it said in the README.

Duncan / engelsman

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