problem compiling openoffice-src: javac reports errors

Bernd Kosmahl beko at
Sun May 4 17:30:18 CEST 2008

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Am Sonntag 04 Mai 2008 tippselte Zbigniew Luszpinski:
> Sunday 04 of May 2008 06:45:33 Bernd Kosmahl wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I was going to lin openoffice-src but it fails with errors in java.
> > I'm sort of clueless what to do now.
> I made patch for openoffice-src module which fixes java bug.
> This is working patch. It is not commited to moonbase yet because
> needs some final polishing and final testing (probably will be done
> in next weekend). If you will use it let me know your
> comments/results.
> Why OO breaks on java and what my patch fixes:
> OpenOffice will not compile with java > 1.5.0 - this is the reason of
> compilation error. My patch provides java 1.5.0 exclusively for OO
> only at compilation time to let OO compile without java errors.
> Later, at runtime any OO version works very well with java 1.6.0.
> have a nice day,
> Zbigniew Luszpinski

root at deadalus /var/lib/lunar/moonbase # patch -p1 < openoffice-src.patch
patching file x11-apps/openoffice-src/BUILD
patching file x11-apps/openoffice-src/DETAILS
patching file x11-apps/openoffice-src/PRE_BUILD
root at deadalus /var/lib/lunar/moonbase # lin openoffice-src
Checking dependencies for openoffice-src
Downloading source file jdk-5.0u15-dlj-linux-i586.bin for module 
Building openoffice-src version 2.4.0
[a very good nap later]
Please log out and log in again to make changes in your shell
environment take effect.

Creating /var/log/lunar/compile/openoffice-src-2.4.0.bz2
Creating /var/log/lunar/install/openoffice-src-2.4.0
Creating /var/log/lunar/md5sum/openoffice-src-2.4.0
Creating /var/cache/lunar/openoffice-src-2.4.0-i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.bz2

..dunno how crude your patch is but it worked just fine. Thank you a 
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