Git moonbase needs a fresh clone

Terry Chan tpchan at
Thu Dec 3 22:23:13 CET 2009

To all lunar devs with git push rights on doppio.

Due to a recent problem on doppio, you MUST get a NEW copy of the git moonbase

git clone git://

I had to fix the problem on doppio with this command:

git update-refs HEAD 1ed9c2debf5361b9b26b03d611a4cdb45cb5f0ed

If you fail to clone a new moonbase your current git moonbase will be in an
incorrect state if you have ANY of the elangelo changes in your repo from the
last few days.

Things to search for are "lvu DETAILS xfce4-panel" and the version number should
be 4.6.1, not git- something or other.

Also you should NOT have a copy of zbeta/mplayer in your repo.

If you have either of those two cases then your repo is messed up and git pull
will not correctly fix your repo. You MUST do a fresh git clone and get a brand
spankin' new moonbase git repo for yourself.

Terry Chan

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